What to Wear in Paris: Dos and Don’ts

So it is that time that you are about to pack for Paris, right? The capital city of France has always been gorgeous, glamorous, and wonderful amongst many other adjectives that mean awesome or anything along that line. However, whether or not you enjoy your visit to this magnificent city will depend on how you dress. If you have no idea on what to wear while in Paris, this article takes you through the basic dos and don’ts to ensure that you enjoy your trip.


The Right Shoes

Since your trip will entail some walking around the city, having the right and comfortable shoes is not something that you can debate about. Many of the women in Paris do not wear heels. Yes, that is right. Parisian women prefer sensible ballet flat. It, therefore, follows that while you are in the capital, where flat shoes and save your feet from fatigue while sightseeing. A pair of Converse and a pair of ballet flats will do the trick for you. On the other hand, high heels are automatically “don’ts” in the city.


The Right Jeans


In Paris, skinny jeans are very popular. In fact, many people in the capital believe that when you take away the Parisian’s jeans you will feel naked. This, therefore, qualifies as a “do” for you while packing for the French capital. During the day, you can rock in your skinny jeans, converse, a black t-shirt and a colorful scarf. You can re-wear the same at night only that this time you will include a trench coat and replace the converse shoes with ballet flats.


Less of Jewelry


In Paris, overdressing does not necessarily mean that you will look good. If anything, it is more of quality than quantity in the region. Looking at the fashion trends, you will notice that Parisian women wear very limited accessories. As a “do”, consider choosing from the classics including watches, thin necklaces (gold) and stud earrings. As a “don’t”, anything huge accessory is a no.


Scarves are an in thing


If you want to fit into the Parisian dressing culture immediately, think along the lines of scarves. The color and size of the scarves that you wear will, however, depend on the season and events that you will be visiting. For instance, a lightweight scarf is ideal for some while a pashmina will do the trick for winter. However, it is important to note that not every scarf you wear is actually Parisian. The scarves have to be thin, narrow and accompanied with a purse.




Traveling to Paris comes with a lot of excitement. At this time, all you can wish for is everything goes according to plan and that you enjoy your visit. However, you will not enjoy your stay in the French capital if you do not dress appropriately. Take some time to go through our recommendations in this article and you will be likely to fit into the Parisian dressing culture immediately. Also, keep in mind the “don’ts” to save yourself from embarrassment. And please don’t attempt to find chicken and pork tamales in local cuisine.